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IMPORTANT [HOW TO] Tier1Gaming Teamspeak Guide: Bookmark and enable push to talk!

Discussion in 'Nerd Herd - Tech Support and More!' started by NenoJello, Jul 6, 2012.

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    Tier1Gaming Teamspeak Guide

    Download Teamspeak 3 from here: http://www.teamspeak.com/?page=downloads

    Sup folks today I show you how to bookmark tier1gaming and enable push to talk so we dont hear you fapping at night!

    ok lets start with bookmarks

    First you open teamspeak and click on bookmarks then manage bookmarks. You should get a window like this

    I know I know I KNOW teamspeak thinks its better then tier1 so it adds a bookmark for itself WELL NO ONE CARES TEAMSPEAK

    anyways click on add bookmark in the top left
    Label: Tier1gaming
    Address: ts3.tier1gaming.com:8777
    Nickname: Anything you want just maybe Neno is awesome idk you pick :p
    Server Password: WE AINT GOT ONE FOO

    after all that click apply or ok


    connect to the server then click bookmarks and instead of manage bookmarks...ADD TO BOOKMARKS OMG I KNOW LIKE FUCKING MIND BLOWING o_O
    haha anyways

    now lets see how you can enable push to talk

    Hit Alt+P or go to settings then options
    Click on capture and boom theres an option for push to talk
    now now now I know some of you want Voice Activation Detection but no we can still hear your tv's and the porn you watch 99% of the time playing

    so select push to talk and use a hotkey I personally use Caps Lock since its there :p some people use ctrl some use alt so its up to you
    make sure you use begin test to test it IIGHT

    That ends another successful retarded proof tutorial :p I am NenoJello and I love you

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